Website audit

Website audit

Website audit

We clean out the dust that has formed on the website over time.

An online audit helps you to assess how well your website or online store has stood the test of time, how the brand's unity is viewed, and whether and how minor improvements could improve the site's usability and appeal.

Our Process

What happens next?

1. Setting goals

Let's get to know each other and talk about your website. Throughout this pleasant conversation, we will torment you with a series of questions that will put your patience to the test. Your detailed responses, on the other hand, will let us see the world through your eyes and we'd understand better what would make your website sparkle.

Perhaps the sparkle was there before, but user habits have changed over time, and new material is continuously stacking up on the website, the pages are a bit jumbled, and the gleam has quietly faded. Whatever the case may be, we'll find a way to remove the dust that has gathered over time and restore the page's lustre.

2. Evaluation of the visual side

Your company's logo is the visual heart of your brand, and it's usually the first thing people notice. Sits boldly in the left corner, greeting guests and indicating which page they are on. But does your logo really reflect what's happening on the website, or do customers find themselves in a more questionable neighbourhood, as soon as they scroll down from the front page?

It is undeniably not hopeless, and by evaluating your brand, we can see how to display information on the website and organise content so that it is enjoyable to consume.

3. User experience

When we watch films, we don't notice when the shots on the screen change since everything seems so seamless and natural, yet during commercial breaks, each ad change is like a punch in the face to ensure you see them.

But what about your website? Is it simple to navigate and are all of the buttons visible and easy to find? We thoroughly analyse your page during an audit to ensure that each user finds a solution to each of their predicted concerns.

4. Market positioning and standing out

What would your competitors think of your company if they did a market analysis? What about your brand unity and website? Do they consider you a threat? They certainly do, but let's make it clear how to intimidate them even more. Let's take a close look at where you are in the market, what your competitive advantages are, and what your shortcomings are (all of which can be fixed).

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