Creating illustrations

Creating illustrations

Creating illustrations

Your story told through pictures.

The best thing about illustrations is that they make it very easy to understand complex and abstract ideas - an illustration is worth a thousand words.

Creating an illustration language for your brand helps to create playfulness and is a great way to deliver brand messages both on the web and on social media. Or wherever you feel like.

Our Process

What happens next?

1. Why do we need it?

Because drawing illustrations is time-consuming, there's no use doing them unless you have a definite purpose in mind, so before we begin, we'd like to explore how illustrations would enhance your brand and what style would be ideal for you. Perhaps some playful freehand illustrations would be fun? Or vector graphics-based icons with defined lines?

By using colors, we can keep the illustrations clean and integrated into the brand.

2. What kind of pictures do we need?


3. We plan

Creating illustrations may be a nut to crack ... for others, but with our talented illustrators, no idea is too complex to put in action.

We begin with a plan in which we select the finest method for delivering the required message and composing a picture. If the illustrations are to be web-based, the wireframe stage should include rough sketches that give a fair concept of where they will be located and how they will help to create a cohesive experience.

4. We create, draw and sketch

So that's it, time to create illustrations! Depending on what would be the greatest artistic approach for the brand, we employ a range of mediums, such as a drawing tablet, a vector graphics software called Illustrator, or go old-school with pen and paper.

Sometimes it's worth thinking about animated illustrations as well

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