Web redesign

Web redesign

Web redesign

Those who do not keep up with the times are no longer relevant.

Time never stops! People's needs, expectations, and, eventually, trends change as the times change. Keep your website or online store convenient and in accordance with the expectations of your target audience to be at the forefront of your field and set an example for your competition.

We'll create an online audit for you that will show you what's valuable and what needs to be changed. Small modifications can sometimes make a great difference, but there are instances when a total makeover of the web, or even a new page, is recommended.

Our Process

What happens next?

1. Let's get to know each other

In the first stage, we need to get to know you, ask you about the values of your company, discuss your mission and vision, and and learn about your company's WHY. WHAT? HOW? and to whom?

Why does your business exist? What do you offer to the world (and to the customer)? How do you do that? And to whom? We can ask a variety of questions to better understand who you are and gather information for our future actions.

2. Web audit

We will explore your website like no one has ever done before, reading all of the texts and clicking on every button, link, and place where the mouse arrow stops.

We look at how your website represents your business and how well it satisfies the demands of your visitors. Is what we wish to communicate presentable and understandable, and does the website fulfill our goals?

We research competitors and review your market positioning, which provides us with useful information on how to stand out and what your strengths and shortcomings are.

In short, we are developing a plan that will serve as the foundation for changes.

3. Content and wireframe

We can now begin writing and planning content for each page based on the strategy. To write content, we receive input from you in a conversation or in writing. In addition, we review and, if necessary, update the visual information.

Along with creating the content, we also create an undesigned prototype of the website, which allows us to test the exact user paths and focus on the functional parts of the page.

4. Design

The design gives the website wings, allowing you to spread your message far and wide. At this point, our web designer "picks up the brush" to create a unique and one-of-a-kind website design. The UI stage must amplify the hierarchy created in the wireframe and help the visitor to comfortably gather the desired information.

At the end of the design phase, a prototype of the website will be completed, and we will go over it with you carefully to make any necessary modifications.

5. Development

After approving the design, our web developers are straining their finger muscles to turn the design into a functioning website. Development work is typically the most time demanding, and in order to achieve a dynamic and lively website, you must fine-tune it so that every small feature has its place and functions as intended.

6. Testing

After development, we conduct extensive testing to ensure that all pages, buttons, and other elements work as intended and that the page looks great on all devices. We'll assist you in transferring the website to your servers and integrating it with Facebook Pixel as well as Google Analytics, to track exact KPIs.

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