GreenDice brand design and marketing

One of our biggest challenges so far

A company with a unique concept

We live in a shared environment and we all have a responsibility to protect the environment. GreenDice, on the one hand, provides an opportunity to save the environment by changing consumption patterns and, on the other hand, enables everyone worldwide to enter the computer world consciously. Certainly the company with the most unique concept we have been able to work with so far.

We brought the idea to life

The cooperation started with the creation of a brand strategy, which was accompanied by a decipherment of the concept. It was probably a good nut to crack, but today we dare say that the foundations of the original strategy have remained the same.
When creating the strategy, we also created a comprehensive visual language and concept that became a reality for GreenDice and brought the idea to life.

Web design and development

GreenDice had originally created its own template-based website, which soon proved to be an obstacle in explaining the idea, so we started to update the page gradually at an early stage. The page was updated in small parts because the page had to be live all the time and there was no time to wait for the whole page to be ready.

Everything we have managed to do

- Social media content creation on three channels in two languages

- We have created a lot of material for the sales team to help explain the idea to future partners

- We designed and had to print posters, stickers, information leaflets, etc.

- We have created an illustration language specific to GreenDice

In conclusion

GreenDice has been a long-term project for us from the beginning, and we have tried to help you with everything. We have been pleased to see their rapid growth and will continue to contribute to supporting GreenDice's vision of creating a consumer culture of responsible and environmentally friendly technology that contributes to the development of a value-based society.


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