Brand strategy

Brand strategy

Brand strategy

The best strategy is a happy customer

Nothing great can be created without a plan, and your brand deserves a strong strategy that will provide you with unshakable confidence in meeting future obstacles.

Do you want to add a new perspective to your brand, redesign an existing brand, or establish an entirely new name for the market? Whatever the reason, creating a brand strategy is undoubtedly advantageous, and WideWise can gladly assist you in this process.

Our Process

What happens next?

1. Let's get to know each other

In the first stage, we need to get to know you, ask you about the values of your company, discuss your mission and vision, and and learn about your company's WHY. WHAT? HOW? and to whom?

Why does your business exist? What do you offer to the world (and to the customer)? How do you do that? And to whom? We can ask a variety of questions to better understand who you are and gather information for our future actions.

Using the information we receieved, we create a heart for the brand!

2. Making connections with the intended audience

New generations are growing up and sometimes they appear to be living in an entirely different world than us, with a completely new language of communication. Did the older generations have the same problem with us?

Whatever the case may be, it is evident that people's values differ and and selling to everyone is not selling to anyone. At this point, we'll determine who your primary audience is, what they believe, where they work, and what kind of approach they need. We create personas and map out the language of communication between your business and its target audience now and in the future. We could say that we are trying to bring you closer to the target audience.

3. You vs the world

The bad news is that many others are also aiming for the same audience. Let's find out who the other businesses are and how they do what they do. What channels do they use and how do they use them, what are their strengths and weaknesses? Or, as the old proverb goes - Keep your friends close and your competitors even closer.

4. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most prominent brand of them all? Most of the time, if we are already creating a brand strategy, we have also decided on either brand innovation or the development of a completely new one.

By then, we will know who we are and who we want to communicate with, and who are trying to catch up with us. At this point, let's take a look at what your brand looks like or could look like, how to stand out in the market, and how to send the target audience a clear message about who you are and whether it's anything for them.

This includes the logo, colours, and fonts, which are the most fundamental aspects, but you can also create patterns, animations, graphics, define special guidelines for using pictures, a social media template, and more. All of this helps to maintain brand unity wherever you are represented.

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We will do everything to achieve the goals

We know what we are doing

We are specialists in their fields and even more enthusiasts.

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We just can't do without understanding exactly what, to whom, why we do it.

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We want to build long-term partnerships, which means that if you do well, we will do well.

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As enthusiasts, we always want to test innovative solutions that would multiply the results.

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