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The visual side of the tire brand was the essence of a typical corner workshop, and changing it was our first challenge. The old logo was a line-based car silhouette that did not stand out in the market, and although it was understood that it was a car dealership, the part specifying the repair was missing.

1. The image is confusing
2. The brand is not differentiated and does not inspire consumer confidence
3. The online store is not working properly

We brought out the workshop

Tire did not have a previous brand strategy, so we started creating a single brand strategy. Interviews with management staff, repairmen and customers provided a clear picture of the hotspots and opportunities. In the course of the strategy, we mapped the entire market and Rehvika's position at that moment and created a plan for where and how to move. A distinctive brand was its strong foundation.

The blue wrench is reliable and easy to understand

We wanted Rehvika's goal to be clear from a distance and to leave a professional and reliable impression. The new logo was a wrench in the ring (tire), which is a recognizable repair symbol. The pervasive color of the brand became blue, which conveys the atmosphere of the technical field and differs from the dominant red in the market.

Website as well as online store

Rehvikas has two lines of business: a tire online store and a repair shop. The purposes are so different that it was decided to create two separate pages, one for the online store and the other for the repair shop website. Initially, a tab was created where the user could choose which page he wanted to go to when visiting the main domain, but user tests and traffic data showed that this was not the best solution.

Tire change reservation system

The existing third-party tire change reservation system was not mobile-friendly and did not visually reflect the Rehvika brand, resulting in a separate reservation system that was integrated with the old system.

Creating a marketing strategy

Rehvika's team had been marketing and experimenting with different solutions on both social media and Google Ads to increase traffic and sales. However, there was no clear digital marketing strategy. During the audit and strategy creation, we constructed the exact sales route for various Rehvika services. We introduced e-mail marketing and also SMS marketing as channels, a large part of which will also be automated.

We've achieved significantly better results in the first few months of redesigning Google Ads and Facebook channels.

Create an initial mailing list

Previously, Rehvikas had not collected e-mail addresses in any channel, so we started email marketing from scratch. As the season was approaching and the mailing list is one of the most valuable marketing assets for the company, we created a referral marketing campaign, drawing € 400 worth of tires for the person who can invite the most members to join the campaign.
The campaign was very successful and we were able to join the list of more than 5,000 people.


Rehvikas has been a complete solution project, because we have been given a free hand in marketing, which is why we have been able to build a complete brand, starting with strategy and ending with communication and marketing measures.


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