Creating a CVI

Creating a CVI

Creating a CVI

Developing a comprehensive visual identity

Every business has its own story, vision, and appearance to recognize, just as we each have our own character, face, desires, and goals. We all know Coca-Cola's red colour or Nike's "Just do it" slogan. All of this is included in the CVI (corporate visual identity), which is the visual system of a unified brand. Why is a CVI necessary?

  • It helps the customer recognize the company.
  • It helps you stand out from the competition.
  • Clients are able to communicate with the company on a more emotional level this way.
  • It is easier for the customer to understand what your company is doing, what to expect from it, and therefore make choices.

Thus, the importance of a proper CVI cannot be understated!

Our Process

What happens next?

Welcoming speech

We don't deal with clients, but with partners, therefore before we begin working together, we must first go on a blind date (read: video call) via Zoom or Meet.
During the call, we definitely need answers to these questions:
  1. Who are you and what service product do you offer?
  2. How do you stand out?
  3. What marketing methods have you used so far?
  4. What are your expectations for a new partner?
  5. Why do you want to update your visuals?


We're analyzing your company's current visual identity to find an answer to the question of what the new visual identity should look like and why. We examine your competition and provide a clear overview of your target audience and their behaviors. What is the profile of an average customer? What emotion and tone of voice should the brand use in order to communicate with customers as effectively as possible? In short, in this phase, we do everything we can to get to know your company, customers, and target market from head to toe.


Once we have all the information, we can start the design process. We'll make plans, sketches, and try out alternative options until we find the best way forward.


We talk about the possibilities collectively – the more bright minds, the better! When we've completed our initial design, it's time to get together and discuss whether or not it can be improved.

Last steps

After an evaluation, we make adjustments and either create the necessary files or move on to the next step in the creation of a website or content, depending on what the final output will be.

We are always ready for new challenges

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Why choose us as your partner?

We will do everything to achieve the goals

We know what we are doing

We are specialists in their fields and even more enthusiasts.

Strategic is our motto

We just can't do without understanding exactly what, to whom, why we do it.

Your goal is our goal

We want to build long-term partnerships, which means that if you do well, we will do well.

We have a serious passion for creating innovative solutions

As enthusiasts, we always want to test innovative solutions that would multiply the results.

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