Vanaõue Holiday Center brand and web

Creating a brand new look

The best holiday center in the county 

Vanaõue Holiday Center is a holiday center complex in Viljandi County, located in peaceful nature and next to the beautiful Navesti River, offering mainly accommodation and a number of different activities for both smaller and larger groups.

Old brand was deprecated

The visual side of the old brand was shattered from time to time, and the dull colors left a worn and conservative impression that did not represent the natural beauty and fun of Vanaõue. People come to the Old Yard to rest and create new memories, and they needed a brand to bring it out.

Fascinated by the beautiful surrounding nature

The created brand is inspired by the nature surrounding the Old Yard and the fun atmosphere there. The pine cone motif symbolizes a new beginning. The newly renovated resort shines in a new sixth, which conveys a friendly, close-to-nature feel.

It was hard to get in touch

The purpose of the website was to provide information about the resort and to allow users to submit a booking, but the booking form on the website was incomplete and required later email or telephone communication. It was clear that this would be the most important challenge - to create a clear and comprehensive booking system.

Everything you need

The reservation system created on the site allows those interested to plan the smallest details of their visit - to choose different activities, both from the holiday center itself or by partners, to book buildings, rooms and to submit menu wishes. The page got a fresh and lively look in the form of a new brand, which perfectly represents the nature of a holiday resort.


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