Natural stones website with custom inquiry

New sales channel for new and existing customers

Harder quality than stone

Kivisepad is a quality stone processing company whose main activity is the processing of natural stone and the main goal is to offer quality products at competitive prices. In addition to the production of fireplace and stove parts from natural stone, mainly marble and granite, various worktops for kitchens, bathrooms and elsewhere have become one of the most demanded product groups. The products are marketed in Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

An online store that makes the customer a stone specialist

The old website was outdated and did not work as a sales channel. The aim of the new website was to create a differentiated website that would act as a new sales channel and, on the other hand, support sales people with detailed information that they could use to educate the customer.

The price request became the pearl of the page

The emphasis on the website was to create a clear and interactive price request that would allow the uninformed user to send the request without being confused.

To this end, we created purpose-based information materials to help the customer make their choices correctly and categorized the stones accordingly.


The meaningful website offered a dynamic and comfortable experience for both the expert and the less conscious. Purposeful content pages, information pages on stone selection and content pages that introduce the specifics of individual stones give the visitor a good overview to familiarize themselves with the field.


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