Creating a Helpmate visual identity and website

A beautiful home requires a firm hand

We met a friendly repairman

As the name suggests, it is a friendly helper who offers a solution for households that would need to carry out various repairs, be it the repair of an entire apartment or the assembly of furniture.

New friendly face

Helpmate needed a face named after him and a website where he could be found. The market for minor repairs is full of various self-helpers, about whom you have found information from various forums, which gave the impression of a blind date that you never know who you are calling to your home.

The face of Helpmate is friendly and reliable, which is expressed in friendly tones, and we have designed a separate page where the visitor of the page can get acquainted with the work done, in addition to a clear price list.

Kindly tough

To express Helpmate's friendly nature, we designed a logo with the mouth of a repairman laughing, but because the worker himself felt that the original sign was too simple and wanted to see a more American version of the logo, we met the customer.

Designing a detailed sign was a real challenge, and although we gave up the original friendliness, the sign got a masculine and reliable impression.

However, we did not give up the friendly brand and used bright colors to highlight it.


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