Is it strategic digital marketing or just whipping?

DateMay 31, 2019
AuthorSten Maileht

Millest tuleb juttu?

- Probleemi sõnastus ja eesmärgid
- Tunne klienti ja tema sihtgruppi
- Mugavus ja esteetika

(Digital) marketing is not a sprint in different directions to close your eyes to, but a meaningful strategic marathon with no immediate end. It's like a proverb: you measure nine times, you cut once, right? At least that should be the case, but for the most part, in smaller and larger companies, it tends to be like cutting with one eye open, hoping that if others worked, we would have to bear fruit. But what is wrong and how to do digital marketing strategically to make the marketing marathon as effective as possible? What tools to use?

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